boardinghouse.schema module

boardinghouse.schema.REQUIRED_SHARED_MODELS = ['auth.user', 'auth.permission', '', 'boardinghouse.schema', '', 'sessions.session', 'contenttypes.contenttype', 'admin.logentry', 'migrations.migration', 'boardinghouse.schema', u'auth.user']

These models are required to be shared by the system.


Activate the current schema: this will execute, in the database connection, something like:

SET search_path TO "foo",public;

It sends signals before and after that the schema will be, and was activated.

Must be passed a string: the internal name of the schema to activate.


Activate the template schema.

You probably don’t want to do this. Sometimes you do (like for instance to apply migrations).


Deactivate the provided (or current) schema.


Get the (internal) name of the currently active schema.


Get the currently active schema.

This requires a database query to ask it what the current search_path is.


Get a (cached) list of all currently active schemata.


Return the class that is currently set as the schema model.


Is the model (or instance of a model) one that should be in the public/shared schema?

boardinghouse.schema.is_shared_table(table, apps=<django.apps.registry.Apps object>)[source]

Is the model from the provided database table name shared?

We may need to look and see if we can work out which models this table joins.